February 2014

Bocce with Beth

If I didn’t know my Thea (Aunt) Beth was real, I would think that some writer had made her up as “the favorite Aunt” character in a cozy novel.  Warm, sweet, loving, full of hugs.  Visit her condo in Florida (2 doors down from my folks’), you get a piece of chocolate, a deconstruction of the last Downton Abbey episode, and a lowdown on all the best spots to hit in the area for boutique shopping. 

kales@umich.eduBocce with Beth
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Planes, Training, and Automobiles.

Remember the 1980’s Steve Martin/John Candy movie about a businessman trying to get somewhere?  Kind of like what yesterday was like for the Kales/Gibson family.  But before we get to that, let’s rewind to Thursday.  That is when Tasia, my perfectionist, highly-organized, 16 year-old daughter entered the kitchen looking like the weight of the world was showing on her beautiful face.

kales@umich.eduPlanes, Training, and Automobiles.
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Insomnia and Orange Juice

Disclaimer: This post is NOT about the effects of orange juice on sleep.  If you are looking for information on that particular topic, look elsewhere on the internet 😉

A year or so ago, I was at a professional conference held at a beautiful property in Georgia.  By coincidence, my snowbird parents called me and told me that they would be driving through that very town on their way back to Michigan from Florida. 

kales@umich.eduInsomnia and Orange Juice
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